Academic Courses Taught

New Courses Taught (Primary Instructor)

  • COM 685: Communication, Media & Terrorism (Regent University, Spring 2017)
  • COM 685/785: Theories and Effects of Mediated Terrorism (Regent University, Spring 2018)

Courses Taught (Teaching Assistant)

Assisted in M.A. classes: Department of Communication

  • Influence through Entertainment
  • Critical Approaches in Strategic Communication
  • Media and Social Influence
  • Organizational Communication in Digital Age
  • Social Media & Internet Marketing
  • Public Relations: Cases & Campaigns

Assisted in Ph.D. classes: Department of Communication

  • Academic Writing for Publication
  • Quantitative Research Method
  • Theories and Effects of Mediated Terrorism

Assisted in M.A. classes: Department of Journalism

  • Multiplatform Writing
  • News Writing & Reporting


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